Our Process


Let's meet, the coffee is on us

First thing's first, let's meet and grab a hot beverage! Before our initial meeting we'll also put together a free SEO analysis review of your website. This includes a full overview of the search engine optimisation process, as well as a look into your website's potential for ongoing SEO.


Your website's SEO potential is analysed

After we've established your needs and goals for online success, we analyse your current website. During this process we will need full access to your site and hosting, but are happy to organise this ourselves with your current developer. We will investigate links with any external services such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


We put together your SEO strategy

Once we've established your goals and discussed your expectations, we plan out your SEO strategy! We provide a full breakdown of your current website situation, as well as what needs to be done to reach your targets and get you found online. A proposal and custom SEO plan is presented to you after this step.


Set your site up for success

The first month of the process is crucial. During this period we update and prepare your website for our ongoing SEO process and set your site up for success. All tasks in this process are outlined in our proposal.


Let the fun begin!

After preparing your website, we begin our SEO project! Your SEO plan outlined in the proposal will cover the different stages of the project, and which goals are being worked on within each stage.